What Are Some Archangel Names?

What Are Some Archangel Names?

What Are Some Archangel Names?

Some archangel names are Micheal, Rapheal, Gabriel, Raguel, Saldalphon, Jeremiel and Haniel. According to several religious texts, these archangels serve a variety of functions and duties.

Archangel Michael is the chief warrior. His is characterized by strength, sense of duty and justice. He administers justice and protection on behalf of Christians. Raphael administers healing to humans and animals. He also heals the physical body, the mind and the spirit when called.

Gabriel is a popular servant who is strong and steadfast in duty. She is a messenger and produces results that help anyone who calls for her services. She is very resourceful and assists those who are involved in communication, coaching and guidance.

Angel Raguel stands for both unity and harmony in heaven and on Earth. He overseas all of the other angels and sees to it that they work together in harmony.

Saldophone is an angel whose name means ‘’brother." He passes prayers to God so that they can be answered. Saldophone was formerly human.

Jeremiel means "the mercy of God." This archangel is tasked with reviewing the lives of those who have crossed over to heaven. For those who have yet to cross, Jeremiel helps them make judicious decisions.

Haniel is an archangel whose name stands for “the grace of God." This angel helps people recover valor in their lives. He also helps those who call him in public, and he can help provide happiness and friends to people in need.