Who Is the Archangel Michael?


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The Archangel Michael is considered by all three Abrahamic faiths, including Judaism, lslam and Christianity, to be one of God's most important angelic creations. As the term "archangel" appears only in the singular in the Bible, Christians often depict Michael as the chief of the angels. In scriptural reference, Michael is frequently portrayed as a figure of action and combat.

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Who Is the Archangel Michael?
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Michael's major appearance in the Hebrew Bible, or Tanakh, is in the Book of Daniel, in which he appears as a regal figure who stands up for the Jews against their oppressors. The resonance of this depiction was so powerful that Michael eventually became regularly featured in the Jewish liturgy despite a general rabbinic prohibition against viewing angels as intercessors between God and humankind.

Michael's representation as a warrior angel mainly comes from the Book of Revelations in the New Testament, in which he leads God's angelic forces against the army of Satan. The exact wording tells that Michael "and his angels battled with the Dragon ... and his angels." Specific reference to Michael as "archangel" is found in Jude chapter nine.

Furthermore, Michael is one of two angels named specifically in the Qur'an. The other mentioned angel is Gabriel, the messenger who delivered the Qur'an to Muhammad. In other New Testament sources, both Michael and Jesus are said to command armies of angels. Because there is no indication that two distinct armies of faithful angels exist in heaven, some Christians have interpreted this to mean that Jesus and Michael are the same being. In other words, Michael is Jesus performing his heavenly role as opposed to that of his earthly ministry.

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