Do Aquarius Men Get Jealous?

Aquarius men do not get jealous as much as other signs, but they can be territorial if they are in a long-term relationship. Their fiercely independent spirit often leads them to leave a relationship if they feel their partner is interested in someone else.

Aquarius men enjoy their freedom and often resist being tied down. A partner who is too clingy will quickly drive them away. They enjoy intellectual as well as physical stimulation and tend to have a very high opinion of themselves. According to Astrology Signs Astrology, many Aquarius men have difficulty connecting to and expressing their emotions.

Partners of an Aquarius man need to be willing to adapt to them, as they resist change and expect to be catered to. A respectful and understanding attitude is expected. While an Aquarius can be a high-maintenance partner, they are also very loyal and are quick to drop everything to help those they care about.