How Do You Get an Aquarius Man?


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To hold an Aquarius man's intrigue, Molly Hall for About.com recommends allowing one's idiosyncrasies and quirks to be made visible to him. Aquarius men enjoy people who can go on adventures with them. They have many unique interests and require constant entertainment and stimulation. They do not enjoy being tied down or witnessing extreme displays of emotion. They are independent and appreciate someone who can give them their space.

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Hall states that Aquarius men can sometimes prefer to have multiple partners. People who are jealous would not do well in this situation. According to astrological theories, Aquarius men are known for their need to carve their own paths and rebel against societal norms, but they also possess a strong dedication to some forms of tradition. An Aquarius man's moods and interests can change often, so anyone who is interested in an Aquarius man must be able to keep up with his transformations without complaining or attempting to place him in a box. These men usually have a large and diverse set of friends and are known for their need to hobnob. Aquarius men can also be quite reclusive and have a tendency to retreat from their social circles and significant others for periods of time to fulfill their desire for independence and anonymity. They are very cerebral and enjoy having exciting conversations with new and interesting people. They are easy to meet due to their high level of sociability.

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