How Does an Aquarius Act?

Witty, clever, intelligent, unconventional and independent are characteristics shared by men, women and children represented by the Aquarius zodiac sign. Though they seem cold and distant, Aquarius people are humanitarians and care deeply about the rights and welfare of others.

Aquarius men care about many different issues such as the economy, environment and politics. They believe they can make a difference in the world. Their unemotional responses often make Aquarius men seem aloof or uncaring. Most Aquarius men are successful at their chosen careers and in personal relationships. They have big ideas and have the ability and know-how to make them happen, but their downfall is seeing to the details.

Aquarius women seek adventure, want to experience as much as possible and never worry about consequences. Constantly seeking knowledge and truth, these women have a plethora of interests ranging from artistic expression to foreign politics. They demand equality in all facets of life and prefer recognition due to their abilities, not their sex appeal. They prefer careers that are helpful to others or that contribute to the well-being of many people, such as the impoverished, homeless or abused.

Aquarius children are often seen as rebels because they tend to go their own way, deviating from the crowd to seek out their own experiences. Their strongest characteristic is curiosity, which often leads them into trouble.