What Are Some Appropriate Games for an 80th Birthday Party?

Shannon Fagan/Stone/Getty Images

Some appropriate games for an 80th birthday party are a picture slide show, a roast and a humorous photo opportunity. According to Party411, guests will simply enjoy each other’s company, but these games will provide some interesting, and even humorous, activity.

A picture slide show is a great way to have some fun at an 80th birthday party. The slide show should include pictures in a “looking back, looking forward” format. It should showcase places and activities the guest of honor has been or what he has done, and places and activities he wants to visit or do after turning 80 years old.

For a roast, guests should come prepared with a favorite story to tell about the guest of honor. The party planner should encourage them in advance not to hurt the person’s feelings. In some cases, it may be best to have a single person do the roasting.

For a photo opportunity, the party planner can use a large cardboard cut out picture of the guest of honor with a speech bubble. Party guests can take turns getting their picture taken next to the cut out. For added humor, props and unusual accessories, such as 80th birthday glasses, can be provided for guests to wear when taking the pictures.