How Do You Apply for Service With Verizon Wireless?

Apply for service with Verizon Wireless by going to the company’s website and searching for an appropriate plan or contract under the Plans and Services section. Alternately, use the company’s Store Locator page to locate a retail location and sign up in person.

Verizon has a large variety of services and plans available for both residential and business customers, and it also offers a selection of pre-paid plans for those who do not wish to sign a contract. Within its range of residential plans, the company also offers plans specifically for individuals over the age of 65, as well as single-user and international plan.

The business services Verizon has available fall into two types: those for businesses with under 100 devices, and those for business with more than 100 devices. Business subscribers can customize these plans based on the number of devices and the amount of data shared. One of Verizon’s unique business services is the option to add “machine-to-machine” technology that allows individual devices to communicate and widens the range of functions each machine can perform. Some of these functions include mobile point of sales, cloud storage, asset tracking, healthcare monitoring and energy management. Other available services include self-service kiosks and mobile surveillance.