How Do You Apply a Lucas Engine Oil Treatment?

Add the appropriate amount of Lucas Oil engine oil treatment to the crankcase with each oil change. The ratio of oil treatment to oil may vary depending on your car’s type of engine. The supplement is also used in differential and manual transmissions.

The typical ratio is 20 percent Lucas Oil engine oil treatment to 80 percent of your vehicle’s specified oil with each oil change. For Ford Powerstroke engines, 1 quart of pure synthetic oil stabilizer is recommended per oil change. Wait until after the break-in period to add it to new engines. The heavy duty oil stabilizer is best for many engines, but the synthetic is better for newer small vehicles that use light-weight oils such as 5 W30. Lucas Oil claims its treatments eliminate dry starts, reduce heat and friction and oil consumption. The company guarantees that use of its oil treatment products does not void the warranty on any new vehicles.

Lucas Oil claims that its treatment products can blend with any petroleum or synthetic oil and is designed for gasoline or diesel engines. For vehicles with manual transmissions, you can mix 25 percent oil treatment with 75 percent transmission fluid. A 50 percent mix can be used in differentials. Both types of usage should control noise, heat and wear.