How Do You Apply for a FOID Card in Illinois?

As of 2016, apply for a firearm owner’s identification card in Illinois on the public FOID page of, according to the Illinois State Police Firearms Services Bureau. If you are without Internet access, call 217-782-7980, the Illinois State Police, make application by phone, and pay for it with an electronic check, debit card or credit card. The ISP mails you the application upon payment. Complete, sign and attach your photograph to the application, then return it to the ISPFSB.

Before calling the Firearms Services Bureau Customer Service Center about your FOID card status, wait for 30 days plus mailing time to pass, requests the Illinois State Police. If you have not received the card within the stated time, call 217-782-7980. If the bureau received the card from the U.S. Postal Service as undeliverable, you must contact the Firearms Services Bureau for it to mail the card again.

Illinois law requires residents to have a FOID card to possess ammunition, firearms, stun guns or tasers lawfully, explains the Illinois State Police. The requirement does not apply to certain nonresidents. Certain residents are exempt, such as members of the military, U.S. Marshals and law enforcement officials while they are engaged in their official duties. Other exemptions include competitive shooting athletes who possess firearms that they use in sanctioned competition, and unemancipated minors accompanying their parents or legal guardians who have valid FOID cards.