What Is the Apostle's Creed Prayer?


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The Apostles Creed prayer is an early Christian statement of beliefs. The first mention of the Apostles Creed appears in 390 A.D. While this references an Apostles Creed, the language over time has changed significantly. The current Apostles Creed can be found online on a number of websites including the archive section of the Vatican website at Vatican.va and in the Devotions area of the EWTN.com website.

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The Apostles Creed prayer is simple statement of beliefs that is often recited in churches and Christian events. It's a statement of unity that all who are professing Christians share the specified beliefs. The Apostles Creed begins with the statement of belief in God, Jesus as his only son and belief in the virginity of Mary. Further in the Apostles Creed is the statement about believing in the forgiveness of sins and the resurrection of the body and everlasting life.

The origins of the Apostles Creed, in some form, dates back to at least 390 when it was referenced in a letter to Pope Siricius. The earliest historical copy of a form of the Apostles Creed was written between 710 and 714. The website at Newadvent.org suggests an origin to the Apostles Creed that is much later than the apostolic era.

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