What Does an Anthropologist Do?


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The role of an anthropologist is to research on biological, sociohistorical, linguistical and archaeological aspects of human beings. Anthropology is divided into four fields including cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, archaeology and linguistic anthropology. Most anthropologists only pursue one of these fields as a career.

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What Does an Anthropologist Do?
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Archaeologists study the human culture by examining tangible objects that were left behind. They dig in the dirt and soil to unearth artifacts, bones and other objects that might be useful in their research. Using special equipment, they assess the collected materials in relation to those used in the present to draw informed conclusions.

Cultural anthropologists study the behavior and culture of humans within a specific setting. They study relationships, language, culture and rituals of different people. They spend time with different cultures as observers to collect the necessary information.

Biological anthropologists study different diseases and how people are affected by these diseases. They also study the evolution of humans. These anthropologists also study other animals, such as apes and monkeys, to note the differences and similarities that may be of importance.

By studying recordings, documents, letters and other forms of communication, linguistic anthropologists research how people communicate and how communication patterns and methods have changed over time. They are interested in the ways language is used to shape human life.

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