How Do You Find Answers to Pearson’s Mathematics Textbooks?

Pearson Education, Inc., provides problem solutions and online supplements for textbooks on its website. Within the Pearson general education or higher education site, selecting the textbook by cover image, title or ISBN locates the resources available for that book.

Accessing Pearson answer keys requires an educator account, freely available to teachers using Pearson books. If the school purchases online content, students receive a web code to provide access to customized resources at the Pearson website.

Pearson does not allow non-educator access to answer keys, although there are online collections that often contain this information. provides access to downloads of user-submitted material. The material varies in both quality and availability. Site policy is to remove copyrighted material when provided with notice of copyright violation, and answer keys are copyrighted material.

Other online homework help sites, such as, offer solutions to textbook questions. Some services cost money, although the site has a points-exchange system, where users who provide tutoring or solutions of their own accrue points to use for site purchases.

Schools consider using answer keys cheating. As the University of Colorado notes, any unauthorized help is a code of conduct violation. If a student wishes to use an online help site, the course instructor can advise whether the site is a problem and provide alternatives. Schools offer tutoring resources, which help students free of charge and within school rules.