What Are Some Answers to the Nelson Mathematics Grade 7 Book?

The answers to the Nelson Mathematics Grade 7 Workbook are only available to teachers in schools that have purchased the relevant “Teacher’s Resources.” The Mathematics 7 workbook has 12 chapters, covering topics like factors and exponents, patterns and relationships, fraction operations, and others. Nelson provides answers to each “Try It Out” exercise available on its website after a student has completed the exercise, but answers and guides to workbooks are only available to qualified teaching professionals.

While the answers to exercise found in Mathematics 7 are not publicly available, Nelson has many free exercises for students on its website. These exercises cover the same topics as those found in the workbooks; however, they do not consist of the exact same questions as the workbooks.

Mathematics 7 is a workbook designed for students studying Canadian Grade Seven-level mathematics material. It covers number relationships, fractions, decimal numbers, percent, measurement, addition and subtraction of integers, 2-D geometry, statistics, linear relationships and equations, probability, and circle graphs.

Nelson Education is one of Canada’s premier textbook publishers, providing innovative products and solutions for students in all grades. It is owned by OMERS Capital Partners and certain funds of APAX Partners, and is affiliated with Cengage Learning, its U.S. counterpart.