What Are Anglican Symbols?

anglican-symbols Credit: Paul Kennedy/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Anglican symbols are representations of ideas and works associated with the Anglican Christian denomination. The cross, which is preeminent, and the Compass Rose are examples of Anglican symbols.

The cross depicts the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of human sin. It is also a representation of faith, hope and love. In the Bible, Jesus Christ carried the cross on which he was crucified. The cross therefore signifies Jesus Christ as the object of a believer's faith, hope for the salvation of humanity and the love that the Christ showed by accepting his crucifixion. In Anglican symbolism, the cross occasionally bears the image of the crucified Christ on it. In such cases, it is known as a "crucifix." The lily crucifix is a rare Anglican symbol found in English churches. It displays the crucifixion of Christ on a lily or holding such a plant. The symbolism is thought to have originated from the medieval belief that the Annunciation of Christ and his crucifixion occurred on the same day of the year, March 25. One of the most recognized representations of the Lily Crucifix is a painting on a wall above the altar at All Saint's Church, Godshill, Isle of Wright.

The Compass Rose is a symbol identifying people of the Anglican Communion. It was originally designed by the late Canon Edward West of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York.