What Are Some Anger Management Tips for Teens?


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In order for a teen to handle anger appropriately, she must learn how to replace unhealthy actions with beneficial ones to release pent up feelings, which might include engaging in self-talk, pounding it out, finding a calm place to be, and tearing anger into small pieces, suggests Dr. Michelle Borba. Since a feeling of being rushed contributes to anger, learning appropriate time-management strategies is imperative, advises About.com.

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Adolescents often struggle with time-management, which leads to angry reactions. Minimize these outbursts by managing time effectively, suggests About.com.

With careful observation to ensure that the strategy is working, a teen can pound out her anger, Dr. Michelle Borba advises. Useful ways to do so include pounding clay or pillows, shooting basketball hoops, hitting a wall with a foam bat, and throwing rocks at an inanimate object. Since this strategy may backfire and lead to impulsivity, it is imperative that someone monitor results before continuing to employ the method.

Like adults, teenagers benefit from having a calm place to go when upset, states Dr. Michelle Borba. Prior to an angry episode, establish a calm place with a few soothing things, such as an iPod, drawing materials, a pack of gum or books. When anger flares, the teen should go there to calm herself down.

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