What Was Andy Gibb’s Cause of Death?

On March 10th, 1988, just five days after his 30th birthday, Andrew Roy Gibb died of myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle which was caused by a recent viral infection. It was speculated in newspapers at the time that Gibb had died of a drug overdose. However, while Gibb did have a history of cocaine abuse, he had successfully overcome his addiction by the time of his death.

Andy Gibb was the younger brother of Bee Gees band members Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb. He was a noted singer and songwriter in his own right with a string of successful songs such as “Shadow Dancing,” which was his first number one hit single, and “Love is Thicker Than Water.” Elevated to teen idol status, he released three albums, two of which reached Platinum status in the United States, and one that reached Gold status.

Gibb also performed on television several times throughout his life. He was a guest actor on the shows “Gimme a Break” and “Punky Brewster,” and appeared as himself on shows such as “Solid Gold.”