What Are Some Ancient Symbols for Hope?

Symbols of hope from ancient times include turtle doves, palms, butterflies and fish. Many early symbols of hope originated in the Bible and have evolved into universal symbols for individuals of all religions and beliefs. White doves are the most well-known symbol of hope, as they represent the soul’s journey after death.

Turtle doves represent faithfulness and fidelity due to the fact they mate for life. Palms represent victory, and butterflies represent rebirth and the power of flight. The egg represents the miracle of life. Seashells symbolize beauty and everlasting life. Scallop shells are common baptism symbols.

Fish are one of the most important symbols of hope in the Christian religion, as their unblinking eyes represent God watching over the people of Earth. In Biblical times, Jesus Christ was often referred to as the “Big Fish” watching over all the little fish.

In Native American culture, the “Hope Symbol” is an eight-pointed star with a circle in the center. The star is enclosed in a large circle. The number eight symbolizes balance, and the circles signify bonds that cannot break. The points of the star represent rebirth and renewal. Native Americans also consider the owl a symbol of hope, as it represents deep wisdom and foresight.