What Is Analytic Thinking?

Analytic thinking is the thought process that involves breaking down a problem into multiple parts and thinking each part through to find a solution. It can be used to solve a variety of problems, and it is commonly used in systems analysis and cost-benefit analysis.

Learning to implement analytic thinking takes practice. The problem solver must break the problem down into smaller pieces and then analyze each piece thoroughly. Once a person knows how the pieces fit together and relate to one another, the person can usually solve the problem quite easily.

Analytic thinking is used quite often in the writing of high school and college papers. Students are given an assignment and told to analyze a text before writing a conclusion or argument. When this happens, students have to remember to look for bias, evaluate the evidence in the text and identify hidden agendas that may be present.

Once these and other questions have been addressed, students can begin writing about their findings. When writing a paper, the author must apply analytic principles to the paper. The author should work the conclusion out early in the paper so that the author can support it with evidence. All the techniques used in analyzing an assignment need to be applied to the paper the student is writing.