Why Are Americans so Fat?

Why Are Americans so Fat?

Experts suggest the overabundance unhealthy, cheap food; a sedentary lifestyle; decreasing income levels; and social acceptability of obesity are the reasons America is the fattest nation in the world. To a lesser extent, the lack of education on proper eating habits and what comprises a healthy diet also contribute.

America has a cheap, convenient food supply, which can be a good thing. However, the human body"s natural biology, and developed social patterns, can unintentionally abuse it. Human survival instincts drive them to eat constantly; historically, food scarcity and starvation have been pervasive problems. Indirectly, this led to the creation of food-related customs, such as offering food to guests.

Employment trends have seen manufacturing jobs replaced by less physical occupations. Television, video games and the Internet have all contributed to Americans spending more time in sedentary activities that burn fewer calories than more strenuous physical recreation and work.

American incomes have been declining for decades, as of 2015. This has reduced the amount of money most people have to spend on food, making cheap options of fast food, processed food and high-carbohydrate food attractive and unhealthy dietary staples.

As more Americans become obese, society is making more allowances for it to be acceptable. Public transportation widening seats and clothing manufacturers developing relaxed fit and plus sizes are examples of this. Also, many people don't see themselves as overweight because many people around them are obese.