What Is America's Largest Export?

america-s-largest-export Credit: Christian Lagereek/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

In 2013, the largest American export was engines and machines, which accounted for 13.5 percent of total exports which were valued at $213.5 billion. This placed America second in worldwide exports.

Since 2009, America's exports rose 49.4 percent and accounted for $1.579 trillion worth of goods exported globally. Following engine exports are electronics, oil, vehicles, aircraft and medical equipment. Gems, metals, plastic, organic chemicals and pharmaceuticals each account for less than 5 percent of exported goods. The top 10 exports accounted for 58.4 percent of global shipments overall value. The International Monetary Fund's World Economic Outlook Database estimates that America's GDP reached $16.724 trillion in 2013. Based on those statistics, approximately 9.4 percent of the total US economic output resulted from these exports.