What Are Some Almanac Traditions That Relate to Moon Signs?


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Almanac traditions that relate to moon signs include harvest times and times of slowed growth, as well as times of fertility and renewed growth. Almanac tradition states that when the moon is in the right phase and the right place in the zodiac, partaking in various activities is more fruitful. The period between the new and full moon is the best time to do activities that require strength. The period between the full and new moon is best for harvesting.

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The Farmers' Almanac publishes a list of Best Days every year. These days are believed to be the most opportune times for certain undertakings. For instance, in 2015, the best days to trim one's hair to encourage new growth are Dec. 16, 17, 20 and 21. Other activities listed include asking for a mortgage, pruning trees, potty training, castrating farm animals and writing. The Farmers' Almanac's lists are based on the moon's place in the zodiac.

The lists that are available on FarmersAlmanac.com project 60 days in advance. They are separated by categories such as Health and Beauty, Home Repair, Cooking and Baking, and Shopping, Advertising and More. The list for the entire year is available in print copies only.

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