How Is Algebra Used in Everyday Life?

Jeffrey Coolidge/The Image Bank/Getty Images

People use algebra in their daily lives when they make decisions about health, fitness, financial and money matters and when cooking. Algebra involves the use of known variables and fixed numbers in equations to find the values of unknown numbers.

Financial planning is an area in daily life where algebra is used. Algebra concepts are used to calculate items like interest rates and determine loan payments. They are also used to predict the growth of money.

Getting and staying physically fit often requires the use of calculations to determine if one has an appropriate level of body fat and body weight versus lean muscle and bone. It also involves determining the right amount of daily food intake and the types of foods appropriate for an individual’s diet. Given known variables, such as height, activity and current percentages of body mass, algebra can be used to determine unknown variables necessary to reach and maintain fitness.

People who cook, either professionally or for personal use, use simple algebraic expressions to adjust the ingredients in a dish depending on the number of servings desired. Medical professionals use algebra in a variety of applications, such as determining drug dosage and measuring the performance of body functions, such as cardiac output.