How Are AISH Payments Calculated?

Payments for the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) program in Alberta are based on a recipient’s income minus tax and employment-mandated deductions. Alberta is the only Canadian province to offer the program.

The AISH program fully exempts the first $800 a month for a single person and $1,950 for a family. One-half of the next $700 a month for singles and $550 for families also is exempt. The maximum exemptions are $1,150 for singles and $2,225 for families.

AISH recipients are urged to work if they are able as the combined net income and AISH benefits increase to a limit. Single recipients can earn $1,500 a month in net income, and families receive $2,500 a month, to receive the maximum income and benefits. The maximum combination of monthly net income and AISH benefits is $2,738 for singles and $3,813 for families.

The maximum AISH benefit is $1,588 a month. Once a single recipient earns $1,000 in net income a month and families receive $2,000 a month, the benefit amount decreases.

Key qualifications for the AISH program include having a severe permanent handicap that limits the ability to work and cannot be improved through training, rehabilitation or medical treatment. Additional requirements include being a permanent resident of Alberta, at least 18 years of age and not eligible to receive an Old Age Security pension.