What Is Ahi Tuna?

Jeff Rotman/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Ahi tuna usually refers to a species called yellowfin tuna, often used raw in sashimi and sushi. Cooks also prepare ahi tuna by searing, grilling or sautéing the fish.

In Hawaii, ahi tuna can also refer to the bigeye tuna. Bigeye and yellowfin tuna are similar in size and appearance. Ahi tuna species live in tropical waters. They stay near the warm surface waters of the ocean.

Ahi tuna has a mild flavor and a firm texture. The texture and flavor of ahi tuna makes it well-suited for a variety of preparation and presentation methods. The tuna range in size from 3 pounds to 200 pounds. Larger fish tend to have higher fat content, and cooks prefer them over smaller tuna.