What Is the "Age of Kalyug"?

According to Hindu holy writings, the Age of Kalyug, or Kali Yuga, is the fourth great epoch in the present cycle of creation and destruction. About.com notes that it is an age characterized by evil and unrighteousness.

In the Hindu scriptures, the first epoch, Satya Yuga, was the age of truth. During the next epoch, Treta Yuga, humankind lost a quarter of the truth. During the following epoch, Dwapar Yuga, another half of the total truth was lost, leaving the age of Kali Yuga only a quarter of truth. For this reason, dishonesty, impurity and vice dominate this epoch. During Kali Yuga, humans are preoccupied with their physical bodies and lower selves. Kali Yuga lasts for 1,000 divine years, which is 432,000 human years. The scriptures say that when Kali Yuga ends, Lord Shiva destroys the universe, Lord Brahma recreates it and humankind once again possesses full truth.