What Age and Gender Have the Fastest Reaction Time?

Men before their mid-20s enjoy both fastest reaction times and most accurate reactions. Until their late 20s both men's and women's reaction times shorten. After their late 20s, people's reaction times begin to slowly lengthen. The reaction time lengthens even more after a person's 70s and beyond.

While males show quicker responses across age groups, they tend to make more mistakes than females until a task is learned.

There are many factors that affect reaction times.including brain trauma, education, nutritional status, exercise, dehydration, stress and illness. These factors may reduce the differences between men's and women's reaction rimes.

Structural differences in male and female brains may account for differences in reaction times. There is evidence to suggest that men's and women's brains have adapted differently to stress and changing stimuli, which has led to men being better able to respond more quickly than women.