How Do You Find African Voodoo Spells for Free? and are places to find free African voodoo spells. Free spells are available for a wide variety of uses including health, wealth, love, sex and money. Spells are also provided to protect the user from others who may be casting spells against them. Voodoo spells provided by these resources include all of the necessary ingredients and procedures for casting the spell. has a wide selection of different types of spells. The paper money spell can bring a little cash to the user if they gather up a piece of paper money, a needle and red thread, a piece of red cloth larger than the money and at least 1-cup of coarse salt. Amber incense, orange oil and pink candles are needed to complete the casting.

The dollar bill is sewn into the red cloth and hung on the wall. On a table make a square line out of the salt and light a candle at each corner with a dish of orange oil in the center. Dip the incense in the oil and light it. Place it in a holder outside of the square and repeat the chant, "Pinned to my life evermore. Go with me to every shore. I trade you for another thing. Come back to my pockets bring." The candles and incense are left to burn for one hour and then snuffed out. The set up is left and the process repeated for two days to bring the user money in 15 days. has a selection of voodoo love spells, including a voodoo trust spell, a spell to make your partner faithful and a sex spell using a hair and dried blood to unleash the lust and passion of the target.