What Are Some African Tribal Symbols?

What Are Some African Tribal Symbols?

West African Adinkra symbols include adinkrahene, osram ne nsoromma, okodee mmowere and nyame dua. They are used by members of the Ashanti tribe in Ghana and the Gyaman tribe in Cote D'Ivoire.

The adinkrahene symbol is composed of a small white circle that is surrounded by five black-and-white alternating concentric circles that have thick lines. Adinkrahene is the original adinkra symbol and represents charisma and leadership.

Osram ne nsoromma, also referred to as the moon and star, is a crescent moon that faces upwards towards a star-like circle that has eight points. This symbol represents love, harmony and faithfulness. The moon and the star represent the bond between a man and a woman.

The okodee mmowere looks like a letter "t" that has three crosses that are equal in length. This symbol represents an eagle's talons and symbolizes strength, power and courage.

Nyame dua has the shape of a four-leaf clover and represents the "Tree of God." The symbol is used for altar worship because it symbolizes God's presence and protection. The symbol is placed in front of a home for blessings and is made from tree branches that are tied together to hold pots that contain sacred herbs and water.