How do African people live?


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Africa is a massive continent and contains many diverse cultures, so there is no single way African people live. Some Africans live middle-class lives in modern cities, while others follow traditional tribal lifestyles. Some suffer from violence and poverty.

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As of 2015, Africa consists of 54 countries, each with a unique culture. It is home to over one billion people, 3,000 ethnic groups and 2,000 languages. This means that people in one part of Africa may live very differently from those in another region.

Although the rest of the world often considers Africans to be living in poverty, this is only true in some rural areas and war-torn regions. Rural farmers often live very poorly and rely on subsistence farming and hunting. Some tribes, such as the Maasai, intentionally try to retain a traditional lifestyle.

People who live in cities in peaceful countries often have a similar standard of living to those in North America. They may be doctors, lawyers, cashiers, accountants or janitors or work in creative fields, such as advertising and music production. Africa is home to many religions, including Islam, Christianity and indigenous faiths.

Many African people use modern technology. Internet access is common in cities and larger towns. Mobile phones are popular even in impoverished areas and with traditional tribes. Rural farmers also often use scraps of other technology to create things like generators, wind turbines and radios.

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