Why Do Afghan Women Wear Burqas?


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Afghan women wear burqas due to past traditions, the laws of previous ruling regimes and the rules of localized warlords. In some cases, the burqa has become a symbol of Islamic extremism and a point of political and social contention.

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The Afghan burqa is properly referred to as a chadri, and completely conceals the wearer's face with the exception of the eye region. This garment wasn't required and was rarely worn until the Taliban took power. Under Taliban rule, the chadri was required wear. After the Taliban was forcefully removed from power, the chadri was no longer required. However, some sections of Afghanistan controlled by warlords still require women to wear this garment. Even in areas not controlled by warlords, some women prefer to wear the chadri as a matter of personal safety and keeping with traditions.

There is some debate as to whether or not the Quran states that women should wear a burqa. Some other collected writings and research appear to support the requirement.

Internationally, the burqa has become a hotly debated topic. In France, the president called for a ban on them. While the proposed ban had support, others referred to it as a reverse violation of human rights.

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