What Are the Advantages of Stress?

Kyle Monk/Blend Images/Getty Images

The advantages of stress include an increase in motivation, a warning sign that there is something wrong and an increase in heart rate. While stress is usually thought of as an unhealthy factor of life, it can provide some health benefits when it is received in small amounts.

Stress is able to provide a small burst of energy to people who are feeling unmotivated. It can be the push that some people need to get the day or a specific project started. People who are under small amounts of stress will be pushed harder to accomplish a project or finish something that needs to be done. Stress can also be a warning symbol that something is amiss. People who are feeling any amount of stress may need to make a change, meaning that this type of stress is necessary for the person’s health.

Stress can increase the heart rate and can cause a slight rise in the blood pressure. For a heart to remain healthy, these increases are sometimes necessary. Stress can also increase the immune system by allowing it to function on a fight or flight response. It is important for people to have the right balance of stress because too much stress can weaken the immune system.