What Are the Advantages of a Scanner?

Scanners allow people to digitize documents. They can also scan images, allowing artists to work with non-digital media instead of having to work using digital techniques. Scanners are helping companies adjust to paperless operations.

Many companies have large collections of paper records. These records take up a considerable amount of space, and finding the right document can be slow. By using scanners, companies can avoid having to deal with these documents and switch to digital operations. Digital scanners help preserve old books, and they allow people to access these books online. Many of these books are fragile, and the information they contain is at risk of being lost forever. Digital preservation ensures that their content will always be available.

Smaller scanners can perform a number of tasks as well. Some scanners are specifically designed for reading business cards, which enables people to create a digital database of their real-world contacts. Other scanners are used for point-of-sale tasks. Smart phone cameras can even be used as scanners, and they allow people to work from more locations.

Artists have also turned to scanners. While digital art has become popular, many artists prefer working in traditional media. Scanners allow them to make high-resolution copies of their work to share online.