What Are the Advantages of the Mass Media?


The mass media allows people worldwide to communicate more easily. In advertising, the mass media allows a broader reach of audience. Communicating news and promotional activities through the mass media allows a faster and easier reach of the market.

Telephones, mobile phones, the Internet, television, radio, billboards and newspapers are all considered mass media. According to About Money, 99 percent of Americans check the news on a number of sources every day through a variety of mediums. Although not all members of society, particularly those in impoverished countries, have Internet access, there's almost always some form of mass media present. This is why marketers rely on mass media for their promotion and marketing campaigns.

Radio and television are the most captivating mass media, television because it uses capturing and entertaining visual presentation, and radio because people often listen to the radio in the car on their way to and from work. The Internet, on the other hand, provides a much better user experience. In terms of communication, telephones, mobile phones and the Internet allow people to communicate easily with each other no matter where they are. Mass media is also effectively used for entertainment purposes as well as education. It creates interconnection that benefits both sides of the communication process.