What Are Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Multimedia?

Multimedia sources make communication and learning easier for people all over the world, but it can be expensive to create and difficult to configure. For most people, multimedia is easy to understand and convenient to use, and making presentations is simpler because a single multimedia source can be used to convey a message or concept in different ways to an audience. However, some forms of multimedia are incompatible with the hardware and software that a person or entity has. In addition, it may take significant resources, manpower and skill to create multimedia forms.

Multimedia is considered any type of application that utilizes more than one media source like video, text, images and sound. The creation of multimedia has changed the way people interact with technology and each other all over the globe. Programs and websites utilize multimedia for people to explore on a daily basis, and it is far more appealing to users of all ages than traditional forms of media. In the classroom, multimedia lessons are thought to awaken brainpower, encourage student participation and raise learning effectiveness.

Maintaining multimedia can be a hassle, and technological upgrades must be made when multimedia sources become incompatible or ineffective. Multimedia technology demands constant updates and expert maintenance to work properly, and equipment failure on either end prevents multimedia from fulfilling its purpose.