What Are the Advantages of a Computer?

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The advantages to owning a computer include access to information, ease of use and the ability to create objects and documents. Computers are a way of life and are almost a necessity in a world that is ruled by excessive technology.

A computer can be used to pay bills, connect with family members, do work for school or business, manage money and provide entertainment. People can do many things on computers, and computers can even be used to complete menial and repetitive tasks. Computers have replaced the need for certain human work processes in grocery stores and banks, and they can be even replace the need for humans to perform data entry tasks in offices.

A disadvantage to computer use is the lack of need for a human workforce. Since computers can replace many of the things that humans were once needed for, unemployment in some industries is rising. Computers can also enable humans to waste their time and energy since some people use computers with no specific purpose and spend hours at a time ignoring other tasks that should be completed. As a result, computers can be a distraction and procrastination tool. A major disadvantage to computers is the lack of privacy they provide; privacy can easily be breached on a computer.