How Do I Adjust the Screen Brightness in Windows XP?

You can adjust the screen brightness using the computer monitor buttons along the front of the monitors, or the Control Panel menu can change your settings for your screens. After making any changes, be sure to restart your computer after saving any new settings.

  1. Adjust the settings on the monitor

    Most desktop monitors have buttons for adjusting brightness, contrast and color. Look first on the front of the monitor, or try sliding your finger along the bottom edge to feel for buttons. Adjust the brightness using the plus and minus bar as a guide.

  2. Use the Control Panel in Windows XP

    An alternate method for adjusting screen brightness is found in the Windows XP Control Panel. Use the Start button in Windows to access a menu. Then click on Control Panel to open the Computer Settings application. Click the Display icon, and check under Advanced Settings for a brightness adjustment option. Some video drivers do not offer this option.

  3. Use the hot keys on a laptop

    If your Windows XP computer is a laptop, simply hold down the Function (Fn) key while using the arrows on the keyboard to adjust the brightness. Some laptops are programmed to use the up and down arrows; others use side arrows. Try all of the directional arrows to see what works on your machine.

  4. Restart your computer

    Once the brightness level has been adjusted to your liking, power down the computer and reboot. This final step ensures that the new settings remain in place.