How Do You Adjust the Display Size on Your Monitor?

To adjust the display size on your monitor, alter the screen resolution under Display Properties or Display Settings using the slider provided. Preview the change made in small screen located in the same box, and then apply it.

To access the Display Properties box, place the cursor on an empty area on the monitor, click the right mouse button, and then select Properties from the box that opens up. This opens the Display Properties box.

Alternatively, click on Start, select Control Panel in the menu that opens, and then click on Appearance and Personalization or Appearance and Themes. Next, select Personalization, and click on Display Settings under it.

If clicking on Appearance and Themes, select Change the Screen Resolution under Pick a Task in the window that opens. This leads to the Display Properties window.

In the Display Properties or Display Settings window, locate the slider under Screen Resolution, and slide it using the mouse to the desired resolution level. If the resolution is set at a higher level, the display size is smaller and when the resolution is lower, the display size is larger.

After adjusting the screen resolution as desired and previewing it, click on Apply in the box, and exit it.

If the screen resolution of the screen is adjusted to a level that is not supported by the monitor, the screen blacks out for several seconds and goes back to its original level of resolution.