In Addition to Pain in the Left Arm, What Are Some Telltale Heart Attack Symptoms?

Natalie Faye/Image Source/Getty Images

In addition to pain in the left arm, telltale signs of a heart attack include shortness of breath, a squeezing sensation or fullness in the chest, toothache, headache and jaw pain, states MedicineNet. Additional symptoms include discomfort in the upper middle abdomen, vomiting, nausea, indigestion, heartburn, sweating and upper back pain. Some people note general malaise, while others may experience no symptoms at all, which is known as a “silent heart attack.”

Early recognition of heart attack symptoms is important to getting treatment and lessening the negative effects of the heart attack. WebMD notes that heart attacks in women may have different symptoms than those in men. Most women experience discomfort and chest pain, which is the number one sign of a heart attack, in a different way than men do. Some women describe it as a full or squeezing feeling that is not necessarily on the left side but may be anywhere. Pain in the jaw, neck, back or arm is also more common in women than men who are having heart attacks. Some women also experience severe pressure in the abdomen, and they may feel lightheaded and out of breath. An additional symptom common among women is breaking out in a cold nervous sweat.