How Do You Add an Icon to Your Desktop?

To add an icon to your desktop, create a shortcut for it by right-clicking on the file or the program. Alternatively, add the icon directly via the desktop. To add the common icons on the desktop, go to Personalization via the Start menu and select the icons to be added.

To add an icon to your desktop, first locate the program or the file on the computer. To locate a file, press Windows-X, open the Power User menu and launch File Explorer. To locate a program, go to the C: drive of the system and open Program Files.

Now, right-click on the file or the program, click on Send to and then click on Desktop (create shortcut). The icon for that item should appear on the desktop.

To add an icon directly via the desktop, right-click on an empty area on the desktop and choose Shortcut. Click Browse and choose the file for which you want to create an icon. Click on OK and then on Next. Finally, type a name for the icon and click on Finish.

To add the common icons on the desktop, such as Recycle Bin, Computer folder and Control Panel, open the Start menu, select Control Panel and click on Appearance and Personalization. Then, click on Personalization and choose Change Desktop Icons. Now, click on each box against the icons to be added and then click on OK.