How Do You Add Airtime to a Tracfone?

Tracfone subscribers can add airtime to their mobile devices using three options: via their phone, through an online purchase of airtime cards or by means of prepaid minute cards available in more than 80,000 authorized Tracfone retail outlets. Tracfone Wireless is one of the leading telecommunications services companies in the United States that offers exclusive nationwide prepaid coverage.

Tracfone consumers are not required to sign into a contract with the company to avail of its products and services. Subscribers do not receive monthly bills nor incur daily fees or other hidden charges, which are fairly common with other major carriers. Through the company’s integrated balance display and billing functionality, clients can keep track of their remaining minutes. They can then purchase airtime anytime they need to and at their convenience.

The Airtime On Demand feature allows subscribers to buy airtime minutes directly from their mobile devices. However, users are first required to register an account before they can avail of the company’s value subscriber’s plans or purchase airtime cards from their phones.

For those who purchase airtime minute refill cards from online stores or in retail sites across the U.S., subscribers are required to supply the 15-digit refill PIN that comes along with the purchase. To add minutes using mobile Tracfones, the Prepaid Menu should be accessed, then the Redeem Airtime Minutes setting, followed by keying in the 15-digit code. If the subscriber has a promo code, it should be added to the last digit of the PIN.