What Are the ADA Requirements for a Bathroom With a Shower?

The Americans with Disabilities Act requirements for a bathroom with a shower are 36 by 36 inches for a transfer shower and 30 by 60 inches for a roll-in shower. Other requirements are a 1/2-inch shower curb, 60-inch shower hose, grab bars and seat opposite the shower control.

According to the ADA, transfer showers must have at least a 36-inch wide entry and a clearance of 48 by 36 inches so that the user can move freely in a wheelchair. Roll-in showers require a minimum entry width of 60 inches and a clearance of 30 by 60 inches next to the shower compartment’s open side.

Grab bars in transfer type showers must be provided across the control and back walls and up to 18 inches from the front. If a seat is provided in a roll-in shower, grab bars must be fixed on the back and side walls 6 inches from the nearby walls. In roll-in showers without a seat, grab bars must be provided on three walls. Grab bars should be mounted 34 to 38 inches from the floor, and the clearance between their handles and the wall should not exceed 1 1/2 inches.

Seats in the showers must be 17 to 19 inches from the floor. Additionally, the shower controls should not be more than 48 inches from the floor. The user should be able to operate the controls with one hand as a hand-held or fixed unit.