What Are Some Activities for Building Self-Esteem in Adults?


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Some activities for building self-esteem in adults include making a three-compliments journal, dressing in something that makes them feel good about themselves, making a self-esteem collage, positive affirmations and self-appreciation. Finding a hobby individuals can do independently and replacing negative thoughts with positive thinking also builds self-esteem in adults.

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A three-compliments journal is a journal in which a person writes three compliments about himself every morning. He then reads the compliments aloud in front of a mirror. The journal encourages self-love, self-respect and allows individuals to have a better mental picture of themselves. This type of activity also builds self-appreciation.

Dressing in ways that make one feel good about himself can increase self-esteem by building a positive self-image. A self-esteem collage is a collection of pictures that represents hopes, aspirations and abilities. By posting these types of pictures onto a backing and hanging it on the wall, individuals can have a daily reminder of their goals for the future.

Hobbies improve creativity and increase self-worth. By pursuing hobbies, individuals can discover something to be enthusiastic about and feel accomplishment towards. Replacing negative thoughts with positive ones allows individuals to dwell on positive ways of thinking as opposed to maintaining a negative mindset.

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