How Do You Activate WatchESPN?

Activating WatchESPN requires a computer, a current flash player and a valid service provider such as Charter or Cox TV. The WatchESPN feature is free to customers whose television service meets the requirements. Users can access the site on their computer, Xbox 360, Roku TV or Apple TV using very similar steps.

Each service provider will have a different code that customers are given in order to enter an activation code provided by WatchESPN to register their device. The process for a computer accessing the site with Internet provided by an authorized service provider requires two steps. The user goes to the site and chooses the name of the service provider. It does not require any type of login or access code.

  1. Access the site
  2. Navigate to the WatchESPN website or application if using Apple TV. Choose the correct provider for the service. At this point, the activation code will be provided and a link given to follow. On an Internet-ready device, enter the link in the device and click to continue.

  3. Enter provider information
  4. Return to the original device, if different from the device that the authorization code was entered on, and enter the login information used on the television or Internet service provider’s website. The content will play or be accessible after the authentication is completed.