How Do You Activate the Key for a Nissan?

Activating the key to your Nissan is a task that can be easily and efficiently completed on your own time at home. All you will need is your Nissan vehicle and the key or keys to be activated. Once inside your car, lock the doors and open the trunk. Then, repeatedly insert the key into the ignition. Unlock and lock the driver’s door again, and repeat the process for any further keys you need to program.

  1. Sit inside your Nissan

    Settle into the driver’s seat of the vehicle. Close and lock all of the doors. It is important to be inside the vehicle so you have access to the vehicle’s controls.

  2. Open the trunk of the vehicle

    Find the lever or button that opens the truck of your vehicle and push or pull it as appropriate. It will most often be found on the driver’s door or to the left of the foot pedals.

  3. Insert the key into the ignition

    Take the key to be activated and fully insert it into the ignition at least six times in a row within a ten second time period. Perform this process carefully but quickly. The inside lights of the vehicle will light up when you have completed the process correctly. This is the point when the vehicle’s ID is programmed onto the key.

  4. Unlock and lock the door

    Manually unlock and relock the door on the driver’s side of the car. Take your vehicle’s remote control key and push any button.

  5. Program additional keys

    If you have any additional keys that you would like to program to the vehicle, repeat steps three and four with each of the extra keys.