Who Is Abraham in the Bible Book of Genesis?

Abraham, as depicted in the Bible book of Genesis, is known as the founder of Israel as a Jewish nation and is the man from whom all Jews are said to be descended. In Genesis, Abraham's story begins with a visit from God at the age of 75 that concluded with a divine promise that his descendants are destined to become an abundant nation. During God's visit, Abraham and his wife were childless.

Abraham and Sarai, who later changed her name to Sarah, later became parents to Isaac. Additionally, Abraham also had a son through his wife's maidservant, Hagar, who was named Ishmael. After Isaac was born, God tested Abraham by ordering him to sacrifice his son in the land of Moriah. Abraham agreed to this order but was stopped before committing the final act by God after showing his unwavering faith.

According to the Bible's chronology, Abraham was alive during 2,000 BCE and his story is depicted in Genesis 11:26 through 25:10. Abraham was originally referred to as Abram and was one of the three sons of Terah, who was a descendant of Noah. Abraham is also the uncle of Lot and is stated to have lived approximately 175 years.