What Is the 9-Day Prayer to St. Joseph?


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The Novena to St. Joseph is a series of prayers one says to Jesus' earthly father for nine days to obtain help. The prayer says in part "no one ever had recourse to your protection or asked for your aid without obtaining relief."

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Christians believe only Jesus or God can answer prayers. So in the Novena to St. Joseph, the person saying the prayer asks St. Joseph to intercede with God to grant a request. The root of the word "novena" means nine.

The part of the prayer said at the end of each of the nine days' individual prayers says in part: "Loving Saint Joseph, faithful follower of Jesus Christ, I raise my heart to you to implore your powerful intercession in obtaining from the Divine Heart of Jesus all the graces necessary for my spiritual and temporal welfare, particularly the grace of a happy death, and the special grace I now implore," at which point the person praying makes a specific request.

The titles of the nine days of prayer are Foster-Father of Jesus, Virginal Husband of Mary, Man Chosen by the Blessed Trinity, Faithful Servant and Patron of the Church; in addition Patron of Families, Patron of Workers, Friend in Suffering and Patron of a Happy Death are also included. The last line of the final prayer asks that the person die with the name of Mary, mother of Jesus, on his lips.

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