What Is 9/16 As a Decimal?

The decimal form of 9/16 is 0.5625, which can also be written as .5625 or rounded to .56. This can be computed either on a calculator or by hand, by dividing 9 by 16.

To find the decimal form, first change the bottom number, 16, into the closest multiple of 10, which is 100. Next, determine the number used to multiply the original number of 16 by to arrive at the new denominator of 100. The answer is 6.25. Then take that number and multiply it by the top number, 9, for a total of 56.25. Last, move the decimal in 56.25 to the left according to the number of zeros in the bottom number, 100, which is two. Once the decimal is moved to the left twice, the final answer is 0.5625.