What Are Some of the 66 Books of the Bible?


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Some of the books that are compiled in the Bible include Genesis, Job, Psalms, Acts and Revelation. Other books in the Bible are Exodus, Joshua, Daniel, Matthew and John.

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The Bible's first book, Genesis, covers the account of the universe's creation, as well as the stories of early worshippers of God such as Noah, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Jewish tradition states that Moses was the author of Genesis and the next four Bible books. Exodus, the book immediately following Genesis, discusses the Israelites' departure from Egypt and the foundations of Jewish religion.

The book of Joshua, which follows the Mosaic Pentateuch, covers the Israelites' conquest of the Promised Land. The book of Job, located closer to the middle of the Old Testament, is a compilation of monologues concerning the titular character Job, who perseveres despite terrible events befalling him. The book of Psalms, which follows Job, is a collection of songs and poems praising God. The book of Daniel, located near the end of the Old Testament, is a book of prophecies concerning historical world powers.

The New Testament begins with the book of Matthew, an account of Jesus' life. Each of the first four New Testament books cover Christ's ministry, but from different angles. The book of John, for example, highlights Jesus' expressions of love. The book of Acts, which immediately follows the Gospels, is a summary of the early Christian church's history. Revelation, the final book of the Bible, is a prophetic account of the last days.

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