What Does the 5 Love Languages Test Reveal About You?


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The 5 Love Languages test is designed for people to understand their emotional communication preferences, or in other words, their love language. It is an assessment of 30 statements wherein the test taker is asked to select the statement that is the most true to define what his primary love language is.

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Results are calculated to determine which one of five languages is a person's love language. The test calculates a person's primary love language and secondary languages.

One of the languages is "Words of Affirmation." This love language profile involves words of praise and appreciation from a spouse. People with this profile best respond emotionally to words of love.

Another love language is acts of service. A person who identifies best with this love language feels love when his spouse completes acts of service as a way to show love.

Receiving gifts is another love language. A person with this love language feels most loved when here spouse gives her gifts, big or small, that communicate that her spouse was thinking of her. People with this love language typically identify most with the statement "It's the thought that counts."

People who have quality time as their love language feel most loved when they have their spouse's undivided attention. This typically involves listening and communicating with each other without interruption.

The fifth love language is physical touch. This includes hugs and hand holding for people who identify most with this love language.

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