If I Have 20/30 Vision, Do I Need Glasses?

Zero Creatives/Cultura/Getty Images

A person with 20/30 vision probably doesn’t need glasses, according to EyeCare of East Texas. A determination of 20/30 acuity means that a person sees at 30 feet away from an object what average people see at 20 feet away.

While it does mean that someone with 20/30 vision is slightly near-sighted, it isn’t cause for serious concern. Those with 20/40 vision are able to pass the vision tests for driver’s licenses without glasses in all 50 states, according to EyeCare of East Texas. In addition, most printed material is meant to accommodate those with 20/40 vision. If a person is experiencing discomfort, severe headaches or tired eyes caused by vision problems, getting glasses is a great solution. If a person with 20/30 vision isn’t experiencing any problems, then glasses are not necessary.